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Shop Local , Please & Thank you…

As a small business, we rely heavily on our local customer.  The mom from pre-school with the two girls in Girl Scouts.  The dad who is a Police Officer with the son in band.  The grandparents, proud of their son's twins about to experience a first holiday.  Some of you live around the corner, some may travel from afar to see us.  Local to us could be year round residents from Aquidneck Island, or local could be the family from out of town that comes back to visit on the same week end every summer.



We make an extra effort to get to know our customers.  We know your family, your successes, your challenges.  We learn your favorite colors and we know what size you wear.  You are important to us.  We learn from you, because we listen to you when you are here.  You share your life with us, and we share ours with you.  As your children grow, we grow with you.  As you send them out to the world, whether in school, on vacation, or just for fun, we are there with you to help make sure they go in style.

Over the years, we have made genuine connections with you.  Friendships that supersede traditional customer relationships.  We see you at the grocery store, we see you at soccer or softball games.  We have dinner together, we watch each other's children grow up, we comfort each other in times of trouble.  We are friends.




As you begin to make your shopping plan for the upcoming new year, keep in mind where your neighbors work.  Many of them may be relying on a small business as a sole source of income.  We hope you will include us here at The Groovy Gator as part of your shopping experience.  We would love to be a resource for your shopping needs.  We hope you enjoy your time in the store, and we hope we can get to know you, too.  


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